12.10.2022 Sondre Lerche just released a brand new single called "Sunset Tower In The Rain", featuring von Mehren as producer, mixer and musician. There's also a music video available here, featuring live footage from this summer's show at Øyafestivalen!

24.07.2022 von Mehren just released a brand new track and music video, Giardino Romantico, intended as a teaser of what's to come - in still quite some time. This short and sweet, groovy and amorous tune was written and recorded in an afternoon, inspired by the summer of '22, the arrival of new instruments in the studio as well as Italian library music and soundtracks of the late 60s / early 70s. The single can be purchased through Bandcamp.

01.04.2022 Sondre Lerche's brand new double album, Avatars Of Love, was released today, featuring von Mehren as producer, mixer, recording engineer and arranger and playing upright piano, keyboards, synths, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, harpsichord, Farfisa, Moog Opus 3, organ, celeste, vibraphone, glockenspiel, MIDI orchestra and choir, electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, Roland Rhythm 77, field recording and sampling. Check it out here!

21.01.2022 AURORA's new album, The Gods We Can Touch, was released today, featuring von Mehren on Roland Rhythm 77 drum machine on Cure For Me and This Could Be A Dream. Have a listen to this incredible album here!

07.07.2021 AURORA's latest single, Cure for Me, was released today, featuring von Mehren on Roland Rhythm 77 drum machine! It's a playful and even danceable track (mixed by Josh Gudwin), yet with a very important message. Check it out here!

18.06.2021 Kings of Convenience's brand new LP, Peace or Love, featuring von Mehren's contributions, is out today! Get it here!

30.04.2021 Kings of Convenience has just released Rocky Trail, their first single in twelve years, featuring von Mehren on bass, vibraphone and Wurlitzer. Check out the single's brand new music video here and pre-order the forthcoming album, Peace or Love, here!

05.06.2020 Sondre Lerche's new album, Patience, has now been released, featuring von Mehren on upright piano, keyboards, vibraphone, marimba, Fender Rhodes, organ, harpsichord and celeste. Check it out via Spotify, and get your physical copy through Merch Central.

20.04.2020 Under the Radar just premiered the brand new music video for Golden Days, von Mehren's remix of Caramel's Golden Ways, directed by William Cunningham.

20.11.2019 von Mehren's first release in five years is out via The Control Group today! It comes in the form of a remix of British band Caramel's Golden Ways titled Golden Days and just premiered at Under the Radar. Check it out via Spotify, Bandcamp and SoundCloud!

06.10.2019 Session guitarist and composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Fredrik Drønen just released his amazing original soundtrack for the Team17-published Nintendo Switch and PC game, Automachef, featuring von Mehren on keyboards, bass, drums and percussion on selected tracks. Check out the soundtrack here!

05.11.2017 von Mehren will be opening for Sondre Lerche in Brazil! Check the Live-section for dates and venues, and book your tickets via Sondre's website.

10.05.2017 von Mehren will also be opening for Sondre Lerche on the European leg of his Pleasure world tour! Check the Live-section for dates and venues, and book your tickets via Sondre's website.

09.05.2017 von Mehren appears on Dutch downtempo producer Crookram's newly released LP, Butterflies, playing Wurlitzer and Moog on Katmandu.

19.04.2017 von Mehren will be opening for Sondre Lerche on his forthcoming Japan tour in July! See the Live-section for details.

27.03.2017 Bandcamp features von Mehren's recently launched page in today's article showcasing 12 Norwegian artists breaking from tradition.

17.03.2016 A brand new press page with reviews, features and interviews has been added as well as new photos in the Photos-section.

20.10.2015 Last November, von Mehren and band accompanied Sean O'Hagan of The High Llamas on stage in Bergen for a very special performance of O'Hagan's work, and now there's a video clip available of their take on Triads, here!

28.05.2015 von Mehren and his band will be performing in Lübeck on Saturday in celebration of the grand opening of the world's largest hanseatic museum, Europäisches Hansemuseum! The concert is part of a free outdoor event starting at 7:30 p.m and will be the ensemble's first ever show in Germany!

18.04.2015 Aéroshop is celebrating Record Store Day with a 25 % discount on all products throughout the weekend! This includes signed copies of Aéropop and Aéropop Revisited on vinyl and CD as well as the beautiful Aéropop T-shirt!

12.12.2014 Under the Radar premieres another live video from Bergen, this time of Aéropop single La Chanson de Douche!

28.11.2014 It's Black Friday at Aéroshop, and today and tomorrow all products are 20 % off! This includes signed copies of Aéropop and Aéropop Revisited on vinyl and CD as well as the brand new Aéropop T-shirt!

14.11.2014 Aéropop Revisited is now available worldwide on vinyl, CD and digital download! Physical formats are numbered and limited to 300 copies each, so be sure to grab these while they're still available! To celebrate the release, a brand new online store called Aéroshop has been opened, also showcasing the beautiful new Aéropop T-shirt, designed by Anti & Grandpeople.

08.11.2014 Yesterday's release concert for Aéropop Revisited in Bergen was covered by Under the Radar photographer Thor Møller. The concert also featured a solo set by Sean O'Hagan of The High Llamas, who was backed by von Mehren and his band on a few tracks.

21.10.2014 Aéropop Revisited is due out next week, and today Under the Radar premieres the stream of the EP, featuring remixes by Sean O'Hagan (The High Llamas), Andy Ramsay & Joe Watson (Stereolab), Orwell, Young Dreams, Dave LeBleu (The Mercury Program) and Crookram!

24.09.2014 The release concert for Aéropop Revisited is set to November 7th at Østre in Bergen and will also feature performances by Sean O'Hagan of The High Llamas and Norwegian band Lumikide. Tickets are available via Billettservice.

23.09.2014 Sean O'Hagan's remix of Aérosuite is now available worldwide as a digital single, and today's North American release is featured at Under the Radar alongside an announcement of the release date for Aéropop Revisited. The single can be purchased via iTunes, Amazon and other digital music stores.

09.08.2014 von Mehren will be performing with his band at Den Elleville Festen at USF Verftet in Bergen September 20th!

13.06.2014 The video for La Chanson de Douche has been nominated in the category for «best music video» at Kortfilmfestivalen / The Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad.

09.04.2014 POPnews features an in-depth interview with von Mehren about his musical background and the processes behind Aéropop, unfortunately only available in French.

26.03.2014 von Mehren will be opening for The High Llamas at The Islington in London April 25th with a special duo performance!

20.03.2014 Under the Radar recaps SXSW and features a short review of von Mehren's showcase at Quantum Lounge! There are also a couple of photos here.

19.03.2014 Earmilk and Kick Kick Snare reviews Sean O'Hagan remix of Aérosuite!

03.03.2014 Under the Radar reviews von Mehren's showcase at Prelarm in Oslo and also features a selection of photos from the show!

18.02.2014 Natural Selection was played on Nick Luscombe's Late Junction on BBC Radio 3 tonight, available via streaming here!

14.02.2014 Under the Radar announces von Mehren's forthcoming remix EP, Aéropop Revisited, and premieres Sean O'Hagan's version of Aérosuite!

22.01.2014 von Mehren will be performing at SXSW 2014!

12.01.2014 von Mehren has been nominated for Natt&Dag's Bergenprisen in the category for "Live Act of the Year"! Place your votes here!

02.12.2013 KCRW DJ Chris Muckley included Aéropop in his Top 10 Album Picks of 2013!

26.11.2013 von Mehren has produced and mixed the new O. Martin single, In Hindsight, available via stream on Spotify and for purchase on iTunes.

25.10.2013 The second live video from the release concert for Aéropop in Bergen has just been premiered by Under the Radar!

22.10.2013 Issue #47 of Under the Radar features an interview with von Mehren written by Austin Trunick. Get your copy on newsstands or in independent record and book stores worldwide!

09.10.2013 Under the Radar has just premiered the first live video from the release concert for Aéropop at Logen, Bergen, August 28th.

08.10.2013 von Mehren unfortunately has to cancel the forthcoming US tour due to immigration issues. New concerts will be scheduled as soon as possible.

27.09.2013 von Mehren has put together a mixtape of library music and soundtracks of the 60s and 70s for Under the Radar!

17.09.2013 Aéropop was released in UK today on the excellent Folkwit Records, meaning that the album now is available worldwide!

12.09.2013 Winter Comes is Today's Top Tune on KCRW!

02.09.2013 von Mehren will open for the talented Alexandra Stewart at Glasslands in New York October 8th!

26.08.2013 von Mehren will be performing at Ooh La LA! Festival at El Rey in Los Angeles October 11th!

23.08.2013 It's Norwegian release day! Aéropop is now available on vinyl, CD and digital formats throughout Norway via the wonderful Klangkollektivet! It's also released on digital formats worldwide (except UK, where it'll be out September 16th) through Aéropop Records!

21.08.2013 Today saw the CD/digital release of Aéropop in Japan on the excellent Rallye Label! Get your copy at HMV, diskunion or CD Japan!

20.08.2013 Aéropop was released in North America today and is now available on vinyl, CD and digital formats via the excellent The Control Group! Be sure to visit your favorite record store for your copy, for instance Amazon, Insound and/or iTunes.

18.08.2013 AllMusic features a nice review of Aéropop!

16.08.2013 Aéropop is now premiering on Spotify before next week's official release dates!

14.08.2013 The Sound Of Confusion reviews Winter Comes!

05.08.2013 Hype Machine features an exclusive album premiere of Aéropop!

03.08.2013 The Wild Honey Pie has just premiered von Mehren's brand new album trailer video!

22.07.2013 Rolling Stone is presenting von Mehren's new track, Natural Selection, as their Daily Download!

28.06.2013 von Mehren is MTV IGGY's Artist of the Week!

23.06.2013 Laura Studarus has written a great article about von Mehren's music for MTV IGGY!

22.06.2013 FILTER Magazine premieres von Mehren's second single, Winter Comes, and announces the album's release date and track listing!

21.06.2013 The music video for La Chanson de Douche is featured on MTV IGGY!

11.06.2013 Stereogum has just premiered the brand new music video for La Chanson de Douche, directed by Andrew Amorim. Check it out on Vimeo!

28.05.2013 Peel Apart features a great review of La Chanson de Douche.

17.05.2013 La Chanson de Douche is featured on music blog Stereogum!

07.05.2013 von Mehren has signed with the excellent Rallye label for the release of his debut album in Japan. See the announcement here.

04.05.2013 Under The Radar Magazine has also picked up on the release of von Mehren's debut single, commenting on it here.

03.05.2013 La Chanson de Douche, the first single from Alexander von Mehren's debut album, has been released in Norway via Klangkollektivet and is available through iTunes, Wimp and Spotify.

02.05.2013 von Mehren's debut single, La Chanson de Douche, is featured as Song Of The Day by UK-based online music magazine The Line Of Best Fit.

01.05.2013 Pages on Facebook and Twitter were launched today as ways to stay informed about the progress of von Mehren's musical projects and the release of the forthcoming debut album, Aéropop. Be sure to subscribe to these pages to stay in the loop!

02.11.2012 Teria, one of the tracks from von Mehren's forthcoming debut album, was featured on The Curve Ball with Chris Evans on WCR FM on the 26th of September. The broadcast is available for streaming on Mixcloud.

01.11.2012 von Mehren appears on Sondre Lerche's newly released live album, Bootlegs, for sale at SondreLerche.com, Amazon, iTunes and Platekompaniet and available for streaming at Spotify. The album received favourable reviews at AllMusic and Listen Before You Buy.

21.06.2012 von Mehren will be performing with his band at Tellés Sommerfest '12 on the 6th of August. The newly announced festival will take place on the 6th and 7th of August at Kvarteret in Bergen.

30.04.2012 von Mehren appears on the forthcoming album by Japanese musician Taro Umebayashi and his solo project, Milk, Greeting For Sleeping Seeds, playing drums, percussion and vibraphone as well as contributing with vocals on the album's fourth track, Yellow. The release is scheduled for the 8th of August, 2012, on the excellent Rallye Label.

14.04.2012 von Mehren recently spent two days at Abbey Road Studios in London mastering his debut album for CD and vinyl with engineer Steve Rooke.

10.11.2011 von Mehren accompanied Nathalie Nordnes on Norwegian television channel NRK1's program "Førkveld" today, playing The Island and America. Nordnes and her band will also be performing a set at the record store Platekompaniet at Torgallmenningen in Bergen, Norway, on the 12th of November at 2 P.M.

08.11.2011 von Mehren has just returned from an eventful and inspiring tour with Sondre Lerche and will be joining Nathalie Nordnes' backing band for the release concert of Nordnes' 4th album, entitled NN, on the 15th of November at Ole Bull Scene in Bergen, Norway. von Mehren also appears playing drums in Nordnes' music video for her new single, America, available for streaming on YouTube.

25.09.2011 von Mehren will be performing in Sondre Lerche's backing band on his European tour in October. Bergen-based pop ensemble Young Dreams will be joining the tour in Europe and on selected dates in Norway as support. See the Live-section for details.

14.04.2011 von Mehren performed as part of Sondre Lerche's backing band last week, playing the piano at concerts at Mono in Oslo and Garage in Bergen. The band also made an appearance on national television program Lydverket, and parts of the concert are available for streaming here. The concert at Garage received great reviews in Bergensavisen and Studvest.

02.03.2011 A concert with von Mehren and his live ensemble has just been scheduled for Espen Horne's Jassbox at Terminus during Bergenfest in Bergen on the 29th of April. Also, the wonderful French band Orwell's new album, Continental, featuring von Mehren's strings arrangements on On This Brightful Day, is now available digitally via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. There is an album teaser available on YouTube, featuring the amazing illustrations and artwork of Katrin Berge.

01.03.2011 An interview with von Mehren can be found at Groove, unfortunately only in Norwegian.

19.01.2011 von Mehren will be performing with his band at Kvarteret in Bergen on the 12th of February and at the by:Larm-festival in Oslo on the 18th and 19th of February.

18.01.2011 Two new songs, Insouciance and Natural Selection, from Alexander von Mehren's forthcoming album have been uploaded to his MySpace-page.

12.10.2010 von Mehren appears playing vibraphone on the latest Chris Joss album, Monomaniacs Volume 1, and on forthcoming albums from Le Futur Pompiste and Hypertext. He also appears as strings arranger on the forthcoming Orwell album. Two live videos from von Mehren's debut concert at Landmark in Bergen on the 9th of December has been added to the new Videos-section. An interview (in Norwegian, from Natt & Dag) with von Mehren in connection with the debut concert can be found here. Also, a couple of tracks from the forthcoming debut album have received airplay on Radio Bremen in Germany. Stay tuned for more news!

16.08.2010 von Mehren recently spent two weeks in Chicago, mixing his debut album with producer John McEntire at Soma Electronic Music Studios.

07.11.2009 Alexander von Mehren will be performing his new solo material live in concert for the first time on the 9th of December at Landmark in Bergen, Norway. The band consists of Fredrik Drønen (guitars), Erlend Alm Lerstad (guitars, piano), Chris Holm (bass), Kim Åge Furuhaug (drums), Nathalie Nordnes (vocals), Erlend Hausken (saxophone) and von Mehren himself (piano, Fender Rhodes, Moog, vibraphone, vocals). Doors open at 9 P.M. (concert starts at 10:30 P.M.), tickets are 50 NKr. La Bibliothèque Musicale (Audinho da Vitrola and DJ von Mehren) will be spinning records before and after the show.

11.03.2009 von Mehren appears playing vibraphone on the new Chris Joss album, Sticks, released on the 10th of March on ESL Music. von Mehren has also been working with Finnish band Le Futur Pompiste, for a forthcoming release. Furthermore, Orwell's Le Génie Humain, featuring von Mehren's strings and brass arrangements, has been released in Japan, on Airplane.

10.09.2008 Continuously working on new material, von Mehren has also had the joy of working with his new Moog Voyager and Deagan vibraphone the last couple of months, resulting in new sounds for his solo tracks as well as a couple of exciting contributions to look out for in 2009. More to follow!

29.01.2008 On the 18th of January, La Chanson de Douche and Champs-Élysées received airplay on French radio show, Slam, on the Poitiers-based Radio Pulsar. Also, von Mehren's arrangements on Orwell's Sun Holiday can be heard on cqfd.com.

25.09.2007 von Mehren appears on the forthcoming Orwell album, Le Génie Humain, playing upright piano, Fender Rhodes and guiro and contributing with strings and brass arrangements for the track, Sun Holiday. The album is scheduled for release on the 1st of October in France (Twin Fizz Records/Rue Stendhal) and Thailand (Smallroom Records).

26.03.2007 More of von Mehren's tracks have received Canadian airplay; both Winter Comes and Teria have been played on La Photo Sonore the last couple of weeks. Also, von Mehren has just returned from another tour with William Hut, from which new photos can be found, logically, in the Photos-section.

26.02.2007 The Stereolab tribute album, The Politics Of Photosynthesis, on which von Mehren contributes a version of Hillbilly Motobike, has finally been released digitally. Purchase your copy on iTunes Store, Amazon or CDBaby today!

18.02.2007 La Chanson de Douche has received airplay in Canada, on host Marc Xavier LeBlanc's radio show, La Photo Sonore, on Radio J 93,5. Tune in! Today also saw the recording of von Mehren's arrangements for The Alexandria Quartet, performed by an excellent string quartet at Lydriket, Bergen.

07.02.2007 New live dates with William Hut have just been confirmed, including an evening with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra at Bergenfest in April. Lately, von Mehren has been recording with the excellent instrumental rock group, The Sheriff, for their upcoming album, as well as writing string arrangements for the great Norwegian pop group, The Alexandria Quartet.

05.01.2007 von Mehren appears live with William Hut and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra this month. See the Live-section for further details.

30.11.2006 von Mehren's new solo material will also feature Pete Aves of The High Llamas, Jérôme Didelot of Orwell, Mariana Badaracco of Modular and Lise Kvenseth.

01.11.2006 A new solo track, Winter Comes, has been added to the Music-section. Should suit the weather in Norway these days quite nicely.

23.10.2006 Besides touring with William Hut, von Mehren is recording new solo material, some of which features the fantastic vocalists Nathalie Nordnes and William Hut, among others. More to follow.

28.08.2006 Alexander von Mehren appears live with William Hut these days. See the Live-section for details.

25.08.2006 In addition to working on new solo material, von Mehren is currently writing string and brass arrangements for a track for the amazing French pop group, Orwell.

24.08.2006 Champs-Élysées appears in Mark L. Feinsod's new feature film The Deafening Silence of a Very Bright Light which is currently undergoing audio editing.

22.08.2006 La Chanson de Douche is B-listed at Studentradion in Trondheim.